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Thank you for your interest in supporting Hope For Trust USA. We depend on corporate and individual donations, as well as public and private grants to support our work. Every donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated and help us continue to provide youth leadership development! Hope For Trust USA is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.


Donate Online





Contributions to Hope For Trust USA are processed by Paypal though this secure server. Thank you for being an agent of change! Your contribution, in any amount, helps fund cultural arts, music education, and dance performances for at-risk youth and young adults in Virginia, Georgia, and Florida states.

Send a Gift


If you prefer you can contact us for our Gift Form along with your check, money order, or credit card information to: Hope For Trust USA, 830 Glenwood Ave Suite 510242, Atlanta, GA 30316.


Make a pledge


A regular contribution made each month or quarter will help ensure the continuity and lasting impact of our music, dance, and cultural arts programs.  Contact us for our HFT Pledge form. Once received you will be asked to enclose your first payment with the form and we will send you a notice when each subsequent payment is due to remind you of your commitment. Or, for your convenience, we can automatically bill the payments to your credit card.


Specific Opportunities for Support


We invite your participation and financial investment in working closely with community partners to develop and deliver music, dance, and cultural arts programs and tools needed for workshops. Find out how your or your business can support Hope For Trust events.  Contact us for our HFT Sponsorship informational letter & Pledge Form indicating the total amount you wish to contribute, and the payment intervals most comfortable for you.  You can make a difference by directly supporting any of these initiatives:

Building Trust in the Community


  • Hope For Trust Ministry --- A gift of $3,000 supports our ministry plan to rekindle at-risk youth and young adults commitment to learning and being successful transforming them into leaders

  • Student Artist Development --- A gift of $2,000 sponsors the introductory program for students who want to pursue careers in performing arts and stage presence

  • Opportunity Dance Network --- A gift of $1,000 sponsors a non-profit dance in education workshop to inspire a child's creative self-expression and intellectual growth

  • Videography Beginnings --- A gift of $500 help provide our introductory course to professional camera, lighting, and editing techniques, enhancing multi-camera video productions by VideoGraph Images LLC

  • Technology Core --- A gift of $300 sponsors our quality computer training with innovative online learning opportunities especially to seniors who wants to improve the technology, literacy and computer skills needed to be successful in both home and work

Building Trust across the Nation


  • HFT Factor Forums … A gift of $5,000 makes such forums happen or $1,000 supports a young person’s travel and participation

  • Community Impact Programs … A gift of $3,000 covers the full expense of one special guest dancer, artist, historian, musician and/or documentary film makers

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​Building Trust with the World


  • HFT Dance Conference and Festival … A gift of $3,000 helps annual operating costs, production and conference expenses for the multitude of programs that we offer: see "Building Trust in the Community"

  • HFT Forum for Artist Development … A gift of $2,000 makes increases opportunities for artists in networking, funding, performance, education, audience development, philosophical dialogue, touring and advocacy across the US

  • ​​The HFT Scholars Program … A gift of $2,000 provides for at-risk youth and young adults without the means to afford educational classes. Through this program, we are able to offer subsidized training to aspiring artists

HOPE FOR TRUST Real Estate Donations FAQs (click here)


HOPE FOR TRUST Vehicle Donations

If you wish to donate your car, truck, boat, RV, bus or motocycle to the Hope For Trust USA, we will get towing free and it will be doubly rewarding for you.  An auto donation is very important to charities.  The gift of an auto donaton can help the charity raise revenue.  We help you donate vehicles.  Do your part to donate vehicles unwanted or used by yourself for others' assistance and we bet you will feel good about yourself, too.  Besides an car donation, we also accept: 

Truck Donation

Van Donation

Motorcycle Donation

RV Donation

Boat Donation

Trailer Donation

Airplane Donation

Real Estate


What Happens When You Donate A Vehicle? 

In all cases, a charity car donation is sold to the highest bidder by a well-established charity vehicle auction.  That way delay is minimized and the chance of fraud is eliminated.  Doesn't donating a car sound simple?  Donate a vehicle now to save yourself the hassle of selling the car and to give your designated charity the money they need today!

​Donating a Car is Easy!


To donate a car to charity, request our Charity Car Donation Pick Up Form or email us at Generally, you will receive a reply in three to five business days regarding vehicle donations and their information, and we will call you back at the time you specify.


Your information is entered into our computer system right away and forwarded to a local towing company. The towing company will contact you within 24 business hours to make arrangements to pickup your donation. Please have the Title with the vehicle at the time it is picked up.


If you provide us with an email address we will send you a temporary receipt via email along with the direct phone number to the towing company. If you have any questions or require additional assistance you can reach us at


The tow driver will deliver your tax receipt at the time the vehicle is picked up.


Per current IRS guidelines, if your donated vehicle/vessel sells for under $500 the receipt you receive at the time the vehicle is picked up is all you need for filing your taxes. If your donation sells for over $500 you will be provided with a supplemental receipt showing the sale price and may write off as a deduction an amount up to the sale price.


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