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Hope For Trust USA was conceptualized in 2011, when Dr. Daniyel Willis attended A Call to Community at the 5th Annual Community Forum in Richmond, Virginia to help people of African descent to deal with current events, history, politics, education, economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, relationships, love, health and more as a solution oriented organization. Today, Hope For Trust USA continue to coordinate community events that assist the homeless, at-risk youth and young adults to become positive and contributing members of society through therapeutic communication techniques, job placement, training, and education through entertainment media of urban dance, music, and cultural arts.


Hope For Trust USA is located in Atlanta, the capital of the U. S. state of Georgia, is a rapidly growing metropolitan city in Southeast Atlanta. Among our many operations, Hope For Trust USA represents a series of professional entertainment and special engagements, and administers comprehensive performing arts workshops.

Hope For Trust USA is also home to three resident media arts organizations: SoundCheck Music Entertainment, Media NetBuilders, and VideoGraph Images. Presenting their work on the standards of Hope For Trust, all of these organizations and Ourism Group LLC are contributors of the mission. 


Hope For Trust USA non-profit projects uses therapeutic communication with dance, music and performing arts programs to promote emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration for the homeless, at-risk youth and young adults, while maintaining education and support with community partners in our rapidly changing society.


Such projects like Opportunity Dance Network (ODN) and BLMD LLC  include forums, conferences, festivals, and dialogues which will attract hundreds of participants each year with representatives of the local, national and international communities.



Dr. Daniyel Willis

Dr. Daniyel Willis


Founder & CEO


Dr. Daniyel Willis has been involved in helping people for over 20 years with life events situations.  He focus his activities on being a National Teacher, Educator, Counselor, Author, Life Coach and working to fight Injustice, Ignorance and Poverty in all forms.  Especially Poverty of the Mind, in Not being Enlightened.  He is a Serial Entrepreneur, he loves Business, Self-Development and have had a life-long teaching of Spirituality and Technology.  His mission is to Empower Individuals and families to become Legally Aware, uphold Human Rights and Dignities, as well as being prosperous in all areas of their life.  He holds a Doctorate Degree in Theology, Founder of Hope For Trust USA, and he is the author of best selling debut series Boys Lie Men Don't - Conversations and Thoughts on Relationships.

Deneshia Hicklin


Artistic Director


Deneshia Hicklin is a versatile and accomplished dancer and lyrical performer from Richmond, Virginia who has traveled throughout the United States. She is a multi-talented dancer-choreographer, earning accolades in modern dance and underground music performance in Virginia, Florida and North Carolina's entertainment circuit.  One facet of Deneshia’s talent concerns her ability to forge meaningful dance and musically successful alliances with other artists. Her extensive dance and music industry background offers a wide variety of services to the community, including mentorship, training for dance educators, and school educational programs.


Hope For Trust USA

Serving All Coastal Regions
Atlanta, GA 30316
Phone: (800) 837-7857


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